The Funnel

Discover This Proven System That Secures Multiple College Offers for High School Athletes.

Dear College-Bound Athlete & Parents:

“The Funnel” is forever changing the way athletes get recruited to play in college on scholarship.

Huh? What’s a “funnel” and what does it have to do with the college athletic recruitment process?

Everything, actually.

Hello, my name is Rex Grayner, and for 20+ years I’ve been helping student-athletes penetrate the clutter and be heard by college coaches.

In the “old” days (like maybe 10 years ago), athletes were told they needed a “recruiting profile”, a website, if they wanted to get recruited to play in college.

Video soon became just as (if not more) important, and athletes were told to add video to their websites so college coaches could see you perform.

But then a college coach would visit your site, maybe watch your video, and far too often, the coach would leave without anything happening after that.

Basically, you drove college coaches into a brick wall.

Fast forward to the new big thing athletes are being advised to do: attend college showcases.

Parents fork over huge sums of money so you can jump on a plane or head for the highway, show up, work out with a couple hundred other kids, and then go home.

“And then what,” you ask?

“Did any of these coaches like me? If so, which ones? What happens next? Do the scholarship offers start rolling in or is there something else I need to be doing?”

The truth is, again, often nothing happens. You’re still driving coaches into a brick wall, but this time, you spent more time and more money doing it.

Sure, you may have gotten a few “looks” and there may even be some communication exchanged with a couple of these coaches in attendance. But most of these college showcase events fail to move the needle much, and in most cases, the recruiting momentum stalls before it ever really got started.

So you go onto the next one in hopes of better results.

Rinse and repeat.

Meanwhile, mom and dad continue to throw money at a problem they have no idea how to solve.

Why? Because they do what most good parents do: They support your dream, and because that’s what someone told them to do.

Which gets me back to the very beginning…

You want to penetrate the clutter. You want to be heard!

You want college coaches to actually offer YOU scholarships to come play for them, don’t you?

Your goal is to get buyers… not tire kickers.

This being your first time through the process and all, I can hear you asking the question…


Well, for starters…

You don’t need a website. It’s a nice tool and everyone has one these days, so you might as well have one, too.

And video by itself is, well… just a video.

These are ingredients in a complex recipe. By themselves, they’re just ingredients!

And mom and dad, you don’t need to be bankrolling a camp/showcase circuit to help your athlete chase their dream either.

Again, I’m not saying camps & showcases are a waste of time. I am saying they’re ingredients, not the recipe for success.

What you do need is a FUNNEL … an Athletic Recruiting Funnel. 

Not sure what in the world I’m talking about???

A “funnel” refers to the process that YOU, the student-athlete, lead college recruiters through to help them decide to offer you a scholarship.


The process that YOU lead college recruiters through to help them decide to offer you a scholarship.

Who’s doing the leading? That’s right…

YOU are leading college coaches through the funnel (not the other way around).

See, in college athletic recruiting, everything makes it appear that the COACH is one driving the process because s/he is the one doing the “buying.” Which makes it simple to understand why everything is set up to make it easy on the coaches.

Showcases, camps, combines, ID camps, even the online questionnaires that you’re supposed to fill out to make coaches aware of you. Think about it. The system is designed to bring as many prospects as possible directly to the buyers. It’s a cattle-call. These “buyers” show up to fields where hundreds (in some cases thousands) are there to audition. If you’re lucky, they catch a glimpse of you. They decide if they’re interested or not in taking a closer look. And you all go home.

How is this a valuable buying experience? 

Is this any way for athletes to effectively evaluate colleges and coaches to effectively evaluate players? Not especially. But the world tells us this is how it’s done. Because the world says it’s a system, and if you want to go to college via athletic scholarship, then you must follow the herd of cattle. You cannot change the game… so you might as well accept it!

[I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be a lemming.]

I’m not going to follow the masses without asking some important questions, such as…

Does this mean I can only get recruited to play in college if I can afford to travel all over the country?

What if I can only travel locally – does that mean my chances of getting an athletic scholarship are limited to local colleges only?

What do I do when I spend all this time and money “auditioning” for college coaches and I don’t receive any offers? Is the process finished? Is my dream over? 

If you ask most high school or club coaches – or even another parent in the stands for that matter – you won’t get great answers. Why? Because there aren’t any good answers to these questions.

Because the system, as the world has come to understand, is broken.

Now, let me shift gears and tell you the questions you NEED to be asking.

What if you could flip the switch? Change the game?

What if you could penetrate the clutter and be heard? Stand out in a sea of prospects?

What if you could lead college coaches through a clear, simple process that helps them decide to offer you a scholarship?

I’ve been at this for 20+ years and I’ve personally witnessed 7,000+ families experience this process first hand, and I’m here to share a very important fact

You can do exactly this…

And the answer is a Funnel.

Let me explain:

The college athletic recruitment process closely aligns with the process any company executes when they’re marketing a new product to prospective buyers. By comparison, YOU are the product and coaches are the buyers.

In a simple marketing funnel, you have Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Decision, Purchase & Re-Purchase.

If we apply this simple funnel to the college athletic recruitment experience, here’s how it looks:

1. The Awareness Phase – You, the student-athlete (“product”) start by making college coaches (“buyers”) aware of your existence.

2. The Interest Phase – College coaches (buyers) demonstrate interest by conducting research on multiple athletes (products) that may be able to solve their specific problem(s).

3. The Evaluation Phase – College coaches (buyers) closely examine their pool of candidates (recruits) and narrow their choices as they inch toward a buying decision.

4. The Decision Phase – A final decision on an athlete (product) is made by the college coach (buyer), and the negotiation begins.

5. The Purchase Phase – The college coach makes an offer and the athlete agrees to accept the offer. Goods/Services are purchased.

6. The Re-Purchase Phase – As the athlete (product) & coach (buyer) experience one another, they will enter a re-evaluation/re-purchase phase during which they each decide whether or not to renew their agreement.

Are you following this?

See, YOU have something to offer colleges. And while everyone is flying blind and spending money to produce UNPREDICTABLE results, you are simply adopting the steps of a systematic business strategy to help you produce PREDICTABLE results.

I’ll break it down even further for you:

Your dream is to play in college on scholarship, right?

So in order to achieve this goal, you follow a simple strategy that’s already been tried & tested thousands of times by student-athletes who shared your dream. We call this tried & tested process an Athletic Recruiting Funnel.

And here’s what the process looks like:

* First, you start by making college coaches aware of you. (Awareness)
* Then, you engage them and they engage you. (Interest)
* Then, they evaluate you and they make decisions about you. (Evaluation) 
* Then, the ones that LOVE you offer to “pay” you to come play for them. (Decision)
* Then, you accept the best opportunity. (Purchase)
* And finally, after you have spent a year together, you and the coach decide whether or not you want to renew your agreement. (Re-Purchase)

Pretty easy to understand, right?

I’m Ready to Sign Up!

Athletic Recruiting Funnel >

Now that you know what you have to do to get recruited to play your sport on scholarship, the only remaining question now is…

Are you going to do this yourself?  OR Are you going to hire an expert to do it for you?

If you’re the “do it yourself” type, then you have the recipe now. Follow the recipe and you’ll bake a beautiful cake.

Now get to work!

And don’t wait either… Start making college coaches aware of you TODAY. You need to begin getting evaluated by coaching staffs as soon as you know you want to play at the college level. This is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. It’s going to take time for college coaches to get to know you and decide if you’re worth a scholarship to them. Their jobs are on the line! They can’t afford to make a mistake about you. So dive into the process today. Create your own marketing funnel, implement the steps, and stay committed to the process.

It’s not that hard. And to be completely honest with you, the strategy itself is NOT all that interesting either.

In fact, you can find similar models in 99% of the marketing books out there.

Do you want to know why thousands of families turn to us for help instead of trying to do it themselves?

The difference is we actually do it.

That’s it. We get it done. Family schedules are already overwhelmed. Plus, who wants to take on the “mother of all kitchen remodels” without any help?

We’re experienced and we understand the college athletic recruitment process better than anyone.

But the biggest reason people hire us is because they know they won’t do the work… and we will!

So if you’re not too confident in your ability to produce, implement & manage your own Athletic Recruiting Funnel…

Then we can make it happen for you right now.

Need PROOF that our system actually works? Here you go…

“The more we did (this) on our own, the more we were missing.”

~ Rik R., Parent

“The fee we paid SAS has paid for itself 10 to 15 times over… per year!”

~ Mike S., Parent

Here's what you get with your own custom
Athletic Recruiting Funnel:

Custom Athletic Recruiting Website

SAS builds and manages a state-of-the-art custom website for each student-athlete, complete with academic transcripts, photos, schedules, all pertinent athletic & academic credentials, contact information and built-in video. Your website may feature a new highlight film for each grade year you’re on the program, with room for up to 4 videos at a time. SAS also works with your current & former coaches to collect scouting reports. We feature these evaluations on your website so that college coaches can read what your references are saying about you.

Personalized Email Campaigns

SAS builds your brand and makes college coaches aware of you by composing and sending personal introductions on the athlete’s direct behalf to each college coach in their network. Each email is written for the athlete and college coaches are addressed personally by name. Every 90 days, SAS composes and sends personal follow-up emails to each college coach in the athlete's network. If you have a special tournament or event coming up, then SAS can produce a special email campaign specifically for that event.

Custom College Selection

From a network of nearly 35,000 head & assistant college coaches, SAS leads the process of building your custom pool of college programs - or "target audience" - determined by how well you perform on the field and on film, how your high school and/or club coaches assess you, academic performance, physical attributes and other personal college selection priorities. SAS furnishes your family with a complete list of the college programs identified in your personal college selection process. Your report includes every college coaches’ name, their school’s website, their email addresses and their phone numbers.

Technology to Monitor Recruiting Interest

SAS monitors "recruiting activity" from college coaches, including every coach that opens your emails and watches the featured videos on your custom webiste. SAS creates and manages a report of this information and updates the report every 24 hours so your family can track potential recruiting interest as well. These reports help bring valuable transparency to your college recruitment experience. They help determine which programs are and are not showing preliminary interest in you yet, and what you can do to jump-start dialogue with these college coaches.

Personal Coaching, Guidance & Support

Rarely does a plan unfold without challenges and unforeseen events. Which is why SAS athletes have such a huge advantage over the competition. The ongoing coaching, guidance & support they receive from athletic recruiting experts is a key ingredient in the Athletic Recruiting Funnel.

Athletic Recruiting Success Tools

SAS delivers frequent reminders, tips and success tools to keep athletes and parents informed of important NCAA recruiting rule changes, upcoming events and general recruiting guidance. Each SAS member also receives a copy of our comprehensive College Recruiting Playbook, which features 100+ pages of invaluable insights and strategies to help you gain a competitive advantage over other recruits. Additionally, parents are invited to join private social media groups and attend periodic live forums for SAS clients only.

The Best System = The Best Results

Want to know what's possible?

The SAS Athletic Recruiting Funnel gives every college-bound athlete & parents a proven formula for success. It's easy to follow, it generates immediate results, and most important, it works every time.

The only 3 requirements are:

1. You must follow the plan.
2. You must be realistic about your opportunities.
3. You must stay committed to the process.

When you follow the plan, are realistic about your opportunities and stay committed to the process, then you can expect to see outstanding results from your Athletic Recruiting Funnel.

Need more proof?

Look at the results these athletes realized by following the SAS Athletic Recruiting Funnel:


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US Naval Academy






Clarkson University



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