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In the meantime, my name is Rex Grayner and I’m the President & Founder here at Student-Athlete Showcase. Since you took the time to engage us, I thought I would take a couple minutes to introduce myself and share some of my story with you in a quick video.

My Story

Long story short, I was a baseball player in college. But my college recruitment experience was not what you would call “ideal.” I started too late. I didn’t understand how it all worked. My parents did the best they could to market me but they didn’t really know what they were doing. Plus, I relied heavily on my coach to take care of this for me and it turns out, he only knew a few college coaches, and none of them were good fits for me.

So you can probably guess what the outcome was for me… very few college choices and no scholarship offers.

I ended up accepting a walk-on spot at a great Division I school. But after 2 years there, I realized that I was never going to get the amount of playing time that I had worked so hard my entire life to achieve. So I had a tough decision to make: stay there and sit the bench or transfer to another school. I decided to transfer. And after 2 more years, my baseball career was over.

A couple years after I graduated from college, I began coaching an elite travel team. And just like I did with my own coach, these parents expected ME to get their sons recruited to play in college. The only problem was, I still didn’t understand the recruiting process that much more than they did. But I was motivated to help them avoid the experience I went through.

So I hit the phones. I called as many college coaches as I could. I invited anyone who would listen to me to come watch our kids play. I sat down with each player and their parents to better understand their goals. Our resources were very limited back then, but it still came down to marketing.

Now, I know that’s not what most high school coaches do and it certainly wasn’t my job, but I wanted to help these kids. It was a problem I believed I could help solve, and something was drawing me to this opportunity. So I did everything in my power to assist them.

And then I started to see results. I started to see what was possible if a solid plan was developed. More important, I learned that it’s the student-athlete leading the college coaches through this process – not the other way around.

And after a few years of watching these kids get recruited by colleges all over the country, I knew 100% this is what I was meant to do. I knew this was what I was going to do for a living. And after working with a couple other organizations, in 2003 I started our company, Student-Athlete Showcase.

So that’s my story and that’s why I’m here today.

I’ll leave you with this…

Parents from all over the US and internationally turn to us for guidance. We’ve worked side by side with thousands of families in this complicated process. And every situation, including yours, is unique.

But we’ve developed a simple solution to a difficult problem. So, if you don’t know where to start or if you don’t have a marketing strategy in place yet, but you know your child dreams of playing in college, then here’s my recommendation:

Let’s start with a short conversation. Let’s explore your options. We haven’t achieved success by getting people who don’t need our help to buy our services. So you don’t have to worry about an aggressive sales pitch. That’s not the way we operate. We can either help you, or we can’t. But let’s start with a conversation and better understand your situation. 

I’ve been at this 20+ years. I’m here to share my expertise and what I’ve learned from my own college recruitment experience, and what I’ve learned since then. So let’s have a conversation. If you would rather keep it online, then not a problem. In fact, I’ve set up a special email address below. Take a minute to shoot me an email, introduce yourself, and I promise to reply. And if you want to get on the phone and have an actual conversation with me, then I’m leaving you a direct phone line to our office as well. Let’s get on the phone and discuss your particular situation to see if we can help.

There’s a chance we aren’t a perfect fit for one another. There’s also a really good chance we can help you. Either way, it’s totally up to you. Again, send me an email or pick up the phone and call. Let’s have some important and friendly dialogue about your student-athlete’s college goals, and hopefully we can help you.

Thanks again for listening, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rex Grayner

President & Co-Founder
Student-Athlete Showcase (SAS)

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