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She received the most exposure with SAS

Thanks so much for all of your suggestions, support and accessibility any time we needed it. We really believe that she received the most exposure by working with SAS, and felt that we were able to put ourselves in the best position to secure the Big 10 opportunity Carly was hoping for all along. We look forward to working with you again in the future, as we have 2 more swimmers behind Carly!

Karen - Williams Bay, WI

Spoke to dozens of coaches

Kevin is very excited to continue swimming in college! Coach Grooms at MST first contacted Kevin due to the information he received from an SAS campaign. Kevin actually spoke to dozens of coaches as a result of the SAS program. As parents of a potential student athlete, SAS provided a lot of useful information that we were able to apply to the whole process.

Colin - Oakdale, MN

None of this could have been initiated without your help

I wanted to thank you and the SAS team for all you did for me this past year; none of this could have been initiated without your help and hospitality. I decided to choose Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO. When everything was said and done, the whole deal was the best by far! Again, thanks for the hard work and I wish the best to your future athletes!

Trey - Anthem, AZ

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