College Soccer Recruiting

College Soccer Recruiting

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Since 2003, Student Athlete Showcase has personally guided talented soccer players and their parents through the complex college recruitment process.

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SAS was there every step of the way for me.

Student-Athlete Showcase was the best thing that happened to my college recruitment experience. From the initial conversation with the SAS advisement team to my final commitment to UMass Lowell, SAS was there every step of the way for me. If you are a student-athlete and you want to have the smoothest transition from high school athletics into the college recruitment process, SAS is the way to go.

college soccer recruiting
UMass Lowell Soccer Player

More exposure than any club coach could get her!

Within days of hiring SAS, our phone started blowing up with calls from college recruiters. Brianna received more offers and interest than we ever thought possible… more exposure than any club coach could ever get her. SAS did exactly what they said they would do. More importantly, SAS put our fears and concerns to rest! They’re the epitome of excellence & professionalism. You can count on them in every aspect of the college journey

Brianna Aldridge soccer
Mississippi State Soccer Parent

SAS Held Our Hand!

Our experience with SAS for my daughter’s recruitment was extremely positive. They patiently explained the process and were available to promptly respond to any of our additional questions. They held our hand and followed up with us to make sure we were staying on track. They assisted my daughter in preparing for phone conversations with coaches and made sure she kept track of their correspondence. They put together an individual website for her and sent her a report after each email campaign which tracked where the emails were sent, if the emails were opened and how many times her video was viewed. I would highly recommend the SAS team to any high school athlete who was interested in playing college sports. Thank you again for your help in this daunting process. My daughter is so excited to continue her soccer career at Marquette University!

Shannon - Phoenix, AZ

It wouldn’t have happened without SAS!

We’re thrilled with our daughter’s choice and the opportunity. I can honestly say it wouldn’t have happened without SAS. They are giving her a merit scholarship worth $25,000 a year – a $100,000 return on our SAS investment. Of course our daughter has the grades, skills, and intangibles to merit the award, but the introduction through SAS is what got the ball rolling.

Michael - Seattle, WA

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