Service Terms
Please carefully review the service terms, then complete the form below.

Student-Athlete Showcase, LLC (SAS or “the Company”) and the parent and/or legal guardian (collectively the “Customer”) agree to the following, which is by itself the terms & conditions and includes no other parts:

1. Company Description. Student-Athlete Showcase, LLC provides college recruiting assistance to qualified student-athletes who wish to pursue their sport at the college level. SAS services are intended for parents/guardians of college-bound athletes who need a marketing strategy to help their child engage college coaches and furnish these coaches information to help them efficiently evaluate and recruit their child.

2. Services. SAS offers marketing services designed to enhance the student-athlete’s individual collegiate opportunities. For each phase of the program, SAS agrees to follow the steps outlined below and maintain a file on the student for the purpose of providing information to various institutions until the student graduates from high school. SAS agrees to distribute the student’s information to colleges and universities for which the student meets minimum athletic and academic requirements, and help the family manage their communications with colleges. SAS does not intend, nor is their correspondence with colleges and universities an attempt, to place a student with any one particular school. The program is active on the date of enrollment and the program is complete when the student graduates from high school. The family may terminate the program anytime they choose and/or return to SAS after the program has ended to purchase additional services.

3. Selection Process. Both parties agree that SAS will make the final determination on the Customers accepted for its services. SAS reserves the right not to accept a student who, in our opinion, does not have a reasonable chance to benefit from our service(s), or whom we otherwise cannot accept as a Customer. All fees paid by a Customer who is not accepted will be refunded in full. The determination of colleges to which a student’s information is sent by SAS rests solely with the discretion of SAS, however the opinions of parents, coaches and/or qualified personnel may be taken into consideration when introducing a student to colleges.

4. Disclaimer. SAS does not guarantee or promise that a Customer will receive a college scholarship or grant. The services provided are designed to enhance the student’s college recruiting experience and provide that athlete marketing efforts to help generate potential opportunities at the college level. The Customer does not legally hold SAS responsible for the decision on any scholarship(s) or grant(s) offered, since the decision rests solely with the institutions to which the student is introduced. Furthermore, SAS is not an agent of the student-athlete. SAS creates materials for families to communicate with prospective colleges and helps educate parents on how to position their athletes for “best fit” colleges & universities, however, SAS does not intend to place a student-athlete at a specific school nor does it guarantee any scholarships or financial assistance. SAS does not seek any type of financial gain from securing a student-athlete’s enrollment at any institution or the student-athlete’s potential earnings as a professional athlete.

5. Customer Obligations. The Customer agrees to cooperate with SAS in preparing all information for distribution to colleges and universities and specifically authorizes such distribution. The Customer understands that the Company cannot perform its duties until all necessary items are received, therefore the Customer agrees to submit the requested items in a timely manner following enrollment. If any specific item or data is not available to the Customer, then the Customer agrees to notify the Company immediately so as not to delay servicing. The Customer agrees to follow any recruiting guidelines provided. The Customer agrees to submit updated and verified information on academic activities, accomplishments and any other significant achievements periodically. The Customer agrees to respond to all colleges or universities that contact the Customer, and advise SAS immediately upon acceptance of a grant or scholarship offer. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep in contact with SAS during the process. SAS cannot be held legally responsible to update the Customer’s profile or continue the service unless all “Customer Obligations” are met. SAS reserves the right to deactivate the Customer’s website immediately upon program completion, and the Customer may request to keep the website activated for an additional fee. It is the understanding of both parties that SAS may use the student’s name, photograph and/or videotape in promotional material and/or for media purposes.

6. Determination of colleges. The determination of colleges to which a student’s information is sent by SAS rests solely with the discretion of SAS. While the opinions of parents, coaches and/or qualified personnel may be taken into consideration, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the final decision on which colleges are included in a student’s marketing plan will be made exclusively by SAS. To project a student’s collegiate potential, SAS will take into consideration all physical vitals, statistics, athletic credentials, film evaluations, scouting reports, academic performance and/or coaches’ feedback. SAS will also rely on years of experience, general industry expertise and personal relationships with college coaches to help project a student’s college potential. The Customer agrees that SAS will not promote a student to college coaches that SAS genuinely believes to be outside the student’s athletic and/or academic skill level. Both parties understand that the Customer may elect to reach out to any college coach on their own, independent of the services delivered by SAS, even if SAS elects not to contact these coaches on the student’s behalf. The Customer agrees to accept and comply with this policy, and the Customer agrees to defer to SAS’ final decision on where their student-athlete’s information is sent.

7. Customer’s right to cancel. The customer may cancel the service for any reason at any time, however, under no circumstance is the Customer’s fee refundable after seven (7) days following receipt of payment. The Customer may cancel the service by submitting via email or mail a written notice to the Company before midnight of the seventh day after the Company receives payment from the Customer. Phone calls and/or voicemails are NOT acceptable means of cancellation. The Customer may stop participating in the program at any time. If the student-athlete suffers a season- and/or career-injury while on the program, or if the student and/or parents change their mind about continuing with the program, regardless of the reason, then they agree to contact the Company and notify them of their decision. Again, under no circumstance will any portion of the fee paid to SAS be refunded if the cancellation occurs beyond seven (7) days of the enrollment date.

I, the Customer, have read and agree to these service terms. I understand that I am hiring SAS to provide a service. I understand our own obligations to SAS as outlined herein. I understand that results may vary and that there are no guarantees of receiving a scholarship to a specific college/university. I understand the Company’s right to collect a debt, and that if I stop payment or fail to pay the entire investment as agreed upon herein, then the Company reserves the right to submit my debt to a licensed collections agency.


I am providing the following items below to indicate that I have read and agreed to the terms & conditions as stated herein.