ATTN: Parents of College Bound Athletes

Welcome to Student-Athlete Showcase.

You’re likely a parent of a talented athlete and you’re here to get answers about the college athletic recruitment process. I want to take this opportunity to personally welcome you. I’m excited to get the conversation started!

Please share some basic info so that I can contact you to learn more about your student-athlete’s college goals. Plus, I want to show my appreciation by sending you a free gift, 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About College Recruiting.

How Does The College Athletic Recruiting
Process Really Work?

AWARENESS > If you want to play in college, this is your top priority. College-bound athletes must make as many coaches aware of them as possible.

INTEREST > Coaches will demonstrate interest & evaluate you along with hundreds of other prospects based on several variables, including skill level, academics, position, size, speed, leadership, work ethic, character and many others.

DECISION > Eventually, college coaches make a YES or NO decision about you.

ACTION > And if college coaches decide that you’re their answer, then ultimately, they will take action by extending you an offer. What that offer equates to (and grows into) is up to the coaches and the colleges for which they work.

Who is SAS?

SAS is among the top college recruiting authorities in the United States. Since 2003, SAS has served as an advocate for talented student-athletes who dreamed of getting recruited to play their sport in college; as a guide for parents to help make the experience more enjoyable for their children; and as a supporter for coaches in every sport at every level.

What Does SAS Do?

First, SAS offers a proven full-service program that helps talented athletes get recruited to play in college.

Second, SAS helps parents manage the college recruitment process to ensure their children are best positioned to attend the right college at the right price.

And third, SAS helps college coaches at all levels become aware of qualified athletes and evaluate them as scholarship candidates.

Why does the SAS program work so well?

SAS is a full-service college recruiting management group. Unlike online software tools and a slew of “DIY” options that merely scratch the surface, the SAS team designs a custom “game plan” that addresses your individual college goals. SAS does the “heavy lifting” so you don’t have to. Plus, we don’t just make college coaches aware of our athletes. We facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaborate with each family from start to finish in order to maximize results for our athletes.

Who should enroll with SAS?

If you’re a talented high school or junior college athlete who’s motivated to utilize athletics to help boost college admissions, earn scholarships and/or experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then you need to plan for getting recruited by college coaches. If you aren’t receiving regular attention from college coaches, and you don’t know where to start, SAS can show you exactly what to do.

SAS is proud to be accredited with an A+ rating