Contacting College Coaches

Contacting College Coaches

When can I contact college coaches?

Though D1 and D2 coaches cannot initiate contact until June 15 or September 1 of your junior year (check the specific recruiting calendars by sport), you may contact coaches as early as you’d like. Most athletes begin reaching out to college coaches during their sophomore year, though this recommendation may change based on the athlete’s current level of performance. If you have standout performance as a freshman, you may want to start contacting coaches earlier.

How should I contact college coaches?

In today’s recruiting world, the best first point of contact is usually an introductory email. This is a great chance to give the coach some information about yourself and get on the radar. Because head coaches are often extremely busy, you may have better luck contacting a recruiting coordinator, position coach, or assistant coach first. Do your research on the program to get a sense for the type of athlete they typically recruit, and the coach that you have the best chance of reaching.

To grab the coach’s attention, you’ll need a concise subject line with a specific stat or unique fact about yourself. Set yourself apart from the other emails flooding the coach’s inbox! It might say something like this: “2020 2B/SS, .418 BA, 31 ACT, video attached.”

A typical introductory email should include your name, graduating year, GPA, position(s), your best stats, contact information for yourself and your high school coach, and your upcoming competition schedule. Include the link to your online profile and highlight videos. You want to make it easy for the coach to evaluate you right off the bat.

At the beginning of your email, be sure to include a specific reason for reaching out. It’s important to show the coach that you’ve taken the time to research the school and that you have a genuine interest in their program. Once you’ve included your academic and athletic information, be sure to end by giving the coach a specific next action. Tell them you’ll be following up with a phone call at a certain date and time, or invite them to come see you play. Keep your email concise, but personal!

How often should I contact college coaches?

Because the NCAA regulations limit how and when coaches can initiate contact with you, it’s important that you take the initiative and remain persistent in your communication. After your introductory email, follow up with a phone call. If you get to a voicemail, tell the coach the specific date and time that you will call again (coaches cannot call you back or leave you a voicemail until after June 15 or September 1 of junior year!) Make a schedule for yourself to keep track of who you have contacted and when. Plan to send email updates to coaches after big competitions or standout performances. You should continue to initiate periodic contact with coaches until they tell you explicitly that they are no longer recruiting you.

General tips for contacting college coaches

Coaches are evaluating you not only on your athletic and academic qualities, but also your personality traits. Be sure that your communication is personal and professional. Follow up when you say you will, and stay consistent. Keep your social media accounts clean, with appropriate language and content, and don’t be afraid to tag coaches and their programs in your posts!


Former SAS clients share their experiences

My Dream Became Reality

I want to thank SAS for their help in making my dream become reality. I’m very excited about the opportunity to play baseball at New York University. Aside from being an outstanding school, I will have the opportunity to be the starting shortstop at NYU as a freshman. Having SAS in my corner from start to finish was very important to my college recruitment experience. I appreciate everything they did for me!

Jack - Mill Valley, CA

Without SAS, I would have no idea…

I would like to thank everyone at SAS for helping me with my college recruiting process. Without SAS, I would have no idea about all the schools that recruited me and they would have had no idea about me!  I will be attending Indiana University on scholarship this upcoming year. Thank you SAS for everything you did! It was great working with you and I will turn everyone I can your way.

BJ - Indiana University

Terrific Experience!

We hired SAS to assist us in getting the word out on our son in his pursuit of playing college baseball. SAS did a tremendous job. It was a terrific experience working the SAS team as they were with us, side by side, the entire time. Their responsiveness to our questions was immediate and their answers were thorough, reflecting their vast experience. Overall SAS is a very professional organization with very talented and enthusiastic people working for them.

Gary - Denville, NJ

SAS was there every step of the way for me.

college soccer recruiting

Student-Athlete Showcase was the best thing that happened to my college recruitment experience. From the initial conversation with the SAS advisement team to my final commitment to UMass Lowell, SAS was there every step of the way for me. If you are a student-athlete and you want to have the smoothest transition from high school athletics into the college recruitment process, SAS is the way to go.

UMass Lowell Soccer Player

More exposure than any club coach could get her!

Brianna Aldridge soccer

Within days of hiring SAS, our phone started blowing up with calls from college recruiters. Brianna received more offers and interest than we ever thought possible… more exposure than any club coach could ever get her. SAS did exactly what they said they would do. More importantly, SAS put our fears and concerns to rest! They’re the epitome of excellence & professionalism. You can count on them in every aspect of the college journey

Mississippi State Soccer Parent

SAS Held Our Hand!

Our experience with SAS for my daughter’s recruitment was extremely positive. They patiently explained the process and were available to promptly respond to any of our additional questions. They held our hand and followed up with us to make sure we were staying on track. They assisted my daughter in preparing for phone conversations with coaches and made sure she kept track of their correspondence. They put together an individual website for her and sent her a report after each email campaign which tracked where the emails were sent, if the emails were opened and how many times her video was viewed. I would highly recommend the SAS team to any high school athlete who was interested in playing college sports. Thank you again for your help in this daunting process. My daughter is so excited to continue her soccer career at Marquette University!

Shannon - Phoenix, AZ

It wouldn’t have happened without SAS!

We’re thrilled with our daughter’s choice and the opportunity. I can honestly say it wouldn’t have happened without SAS. They are giving her a merit scholarship worth $25,000 a year – a $100,000 return on our SAS investment. Of course our daughter has the grades, skills, and intangibles to merit the award, but the introduction through SAS is what got the ball rolling.

Michael - Seattle, WA

One of the best decisions my parents made for me!

Student-Athlete Showcase was one of the best decisions that my parents made for me as a high school athlete. SAS put my name out to hundreds schools to give me tons of options for me to continue my football career at the college level. I am currently attending Minnesota State University, Mankato. In my sophomore season, I received First Team All-Conference, First Team All-Region and All-American honors. I am more than happy with the school I selected to attend and couldn’t be pleased more with the help I received from SAS through my recruiting process.

Zach - Salem, WI

Focused on finding a great fit!

What a great experience! SAS worked with my son throughout high school. Since day one my son received positive feedback through many emails and text messages from coaches. We knew immediately that SAS would have a big impact on my son being recruited. They are extremely professional and are focused not only on finding a great fit for your athlete but more importantly finding a great academic fit. Thank you Rex and your team!

Gina - Chicago, IL

We couldn’t be more pleased!

SAS made it possible for our son to be exposed to colleges and programs he never would have considered without their system. Through SAS, our son made contact with the amazing college where he will continue his football career. We couldn’t be more pleased with our return on this investment!

Mindi - Issaquah, WA

Great Program!

The SAS program was absolutely the catalyst in our success. The marketing efforts SAS provided jump-started Chris’ recruitment. We knew when Oklahoma opened the first email and the moment they watched his video for the 1st time. Great program. We would be happy to serve as a reference!

Chris - Mission Viejo, CA

The SAS program is priceless.

Prior to enrolling Ashley with SAS, we felt overwhelmed with the college selection process and how we would possibly be able to get Ashley’s name out there to all of them. We knew we made the right choice going with SAS after Ashley’s first campaign and saw 250+ college coaches had opened her video. Several top D1 programs emailed her back and the relationships with those coaches started to form into several verbal offers. Ashley committed to play golf for University of Nebraska and that proved to us that the SAS program is priceless.

Michelle - Scottsdale, AZ

We are forever grateful!

So very thankful we decided to go with SAS to help with our sons recruiting process!! Zack and the entire SAS team were so helpful and really easy to work with. I felt like they listened to our needs and were very quick to respond. They made this process a lot easier and for that we will forever be grateful. Thanks for making my sons dreams to play division 1 golf a reality!!

Jennifer - Boardman, OH

SAS is very personalized

The more we did this on our own, the more we were missing out. We didn’t know how to connect Anya with the right college coaches. The SAS program is very personalized and very diligent. Within a couple hours of launching Anya’s first marketing campaign, she started receiving strong interest from college coaches nationwide. Having that level of interest was a huge confidence boost for her. With SAS, you see where you fit in. You have lots of schools you’re talking to. It’s an outstanding program and we highly recommend them.

Rik - Phoenix, AZ

Best Decision We Made!

The best decision we made was to have SAS working for us, our son is absolutely loving the college life and playing Division I golf at LIU. The SAS Team did an amazing job. As we are from Australia, the college process was very new to us and SAS was awesome in guiding us through it. I can honestly say our son would not be where he is today without the assistance from SAS. We would highlight recommend their services.

Kim - NSW, Australia

More options than we could ever have imagined

When I met with Rex in January I was at a point where I was not sure what to do any longer. Brenden was playing at a very high level, yet it was hard to get much serious interest. Through SAS, we interacted in some way with over 130 colleges at all levels. Thank you for your services. It really did create more options than we could ever have imagined. We are grateful that Brenden will have the opportunity to play the game he loves in college while getting a private school education virtually paid for. Thank you!

Kevin & Christy - Littleton, CO

Commitment to organization and connections

Student Athlete Showcase helped me navigate through the crazy maze of college recruiting! My family and I are very thankful that we had SAS by our side throughout the process! SAS offers great exposure to a massive array of college coaches, from NAIA to Division 1. The company’s commitment to organization and connections enabled me to systematically sift through all my options and find the school that fit best academically and athletically. Through the guidance and assistance of SAS, I am blessed to study public health/medicine and play Division 3 basketball at Johns Hopkins University next year. Without the words of wisdom and personal support, my recruitment definitely would not have been the same. Thanks for everything!

Magdalyn - Broomfield, CO

21 Scholarship Offers

We want to thank SAS for all the recruiting help they have given us over the years. Tanner ended up with 21 Division I scholarship offers starting with his sophomore year. Zack and the SAS team were behind us every step of the way!

Sean - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

SAS is a phenomenal organization!

Thank you very much for all your help and guidance throughout this process! The SAS system was a key element in David’s ability to be recruited by and sign with Rice University. SAS is a phenomenal organization! I was most impressed with how responsive their entire staff always was. We will gladly recommend SAS to other families.

Fred D. - Brentwood, TN

SAS played a major role in Natasha’s scholarship to UCLA!

I want to thank the SAS staff for providing such a professional service for Natasha’s college recruitment recruiting. Your program spread the word about Natasaha and gave her a ton of confidence in how she spoke with coaches and handled the complexities of getting in front of her desired colleges. We appreciate the many phone calls where SAS took the time to explain things and what we should be doing with the coaches’ responses. In addition, SAS has an outstanding follow up system in place which provided us many useful tips on what to expect. That valuable content gave us starting points to talk with Natasha about her goals and what she needed to do to reach them. Thank you again for all your support and help with this incredible process. SAS played a major role in Natasha’s scholarship to UCLA. We will recommend Student-Athlete Showcase whenever we can.

Phil - Arroyo Grande, CA

Their system works!

Zack and his team did a great job through the whole process. Their system works. It was a great tool to help our daughter prepare for college and college athletics. Their team helped us stay on track the whole way. If you are serious about getting the right college fit for your student athlete, this is a great way to help you learn how to get there.

Jason - Tempe, AZ

It was much easier with SAS!

Hi Zack… I just wanted you to know that last night Tatum verbally committed to University of Kentucky. Thank you so much for your help and support throughout this process. It was much easier with you guys helping along the way. We couldn’t be more thrilled with her selection which meets her school needs and softball aspirations. Take Care!

Holli - Las Vegas, NV

SAS cares about their athletes

SAS is everything they claim to be and more. They really helped open the doors for my daughter and she was given opportunities beyond imaginable. She was contacted by so many coaches that, as they said, was a good problem to have. They are very professional and was available every step of the way. They have the expertise and know how from many years of experience and research and it shows. I am glad I chose SAS, they care about the athletes and their families.

Loretta - Modesto, CA

110% Honest!

SAS was 110% honest from the get go in what to expect and what would be provided. Exposure is the key to a student’s college recruitment process and SAS delivered. Truly grateful for the opportunity our daughter has been given.

Jose - San Diego, CA

Can’t thank you enough!

Hello SAS!!! I am happy to report that Josey was offered an athletic scholarship and has verbally committed to play at Stanford University! We can’t thank you and your staff enough for all the support.

Vicki - Las Vegas, NV