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From Overlooked to All-American:


Florida-native Brandon Bolock spent 4 years in The Windy City wreaking havoc on Division III QBs.

About Brandon:

  • Works at Morgan Stanley
  • BA Economics, University of Chicago
  • Earned USA College Football All-American
  • 1st Team All-Conference
  • Attended Gulf Coast HS in Naples, FL

Brandon Bolock Naples, FL


As a 3-year varsity starter at Naples Gulf Coast (FL) High School, Brandon Bolock dreamed of taking his talents to the college level.

In the state of Florida, where talent is plentiful, Bolock wasn’t considered the biggest or the fastest linebacker in the state, but it was evident to anyone that watched him play: he played the game of football with passion, heart and leadership. [Plus, he had the academics to go with it.]

As a junior in high school, the college interest was minimal though. Zero interest to be exact. And this prompted his parents, Kevin and Julie, to reach out to SAS to explore ways to get their son on college radars. After a few phone conversations, the Bolock’s enlisted SAS to help generate college opportunities for their son.

Over the next 12 months, SAS launched an aggressive marketing campaign to connect Bolock with college football programs that matched his athletic and academic credentials. SAS designed a custom website, collected and edited his game films, composed thousands of emails on his behalf, followed up regularly with college coaches nationwide and mentored the family through the process. It didn’t take long for college coaches nationwide to come calling (and keep calling).

In all, over 60 college programs courted Bolock. From Ivies to high-academic Division III programs, Bolock was at the top of college recruiting boards coast to coast. Eventually Bolock was offered official paid visits to Division I programs Dartmouth and Holy Cross. And elite Division III programs including University of Chicago, Amherst, Wesleyan and Carnegie Mellon also paid his way to visit their campuses. In the end, it was University of Chicago that offered Bolock the best opportunity.

“UC had everything I was looking for in a college experience: the academic rigor, the competitive football, the world class economics program and a great city with endless opportunities,” recalls Bolock. “Not to mention, UC put together an incredible scholarship offer that I simply couldn’t refuse.”

And during his four years as a Maroon, Bolock made the most of it. The Academic Dean’s List member graduated as a 4-year varsity starter at Defensive End, earning 1st Team All-Conference 3 times and USA College All-America honors as a senior.

“It was the greatest experience ever,” said Bolock. “Playing college sports was a dream come true. The relationships I formed during my 4 years in college will reward me for the rest of my life.”


“Playing college sports was a dream come true. The relationships I formed during my 4 years in college will reward me for the rest of my life.”

~ Brandon Bolock

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