The Pros & Cons of College Camps

It’s among the most frequently-debated topics in the world of college recruiting. Let’s start with some of your questions. What’s the big deal with summer college camps? What’s the point of going to a camp, or two, or three this
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Are you emailing college coaches?

  If you’ve read my previous articles over the years, then you know how much I value networking and building relationships with college coaches. In fact, we discuss this on a daily basis with parents who hire us to manage
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Where am I in the college recruitment process?

  When I ask a student-athlete about their college goals, most kids have actually given it considerable thought and can articulate them fairly well: -Play my sport at the college level. -Earn a scholarship. -Find the best fit school that
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The ‘D1 or Bust’ Mentality

  If you ask today’s high school athlete where s/he wants to go to college, a Who’s Who of major Division I universities might just be among their list of favorites. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Let’s face
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How much student debt is too much?

  I’m asked at least once a week about matters related to college scholarships and/or financial aid. And while it’s seldom I recommend services/products to families in our network, I fully admit that this is an area way outside my
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When the WRONG schools are recruiting me

  Parents and athletes often ask us about what to do when the “wrong” schools show interest. Here’s some food for thought when replying to coaches at schools that (at least for the time being) may be at the bottom
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What we can take away from Super Bowl LI

  Several years ago, the Super Bowl party ended up at my house. Now we host it. Every year. It’s become a cool tradition, and regardless who’s playing, it’s always a blast with friends & family. But when the Broncos
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Coaches talk about recruiting [video]

  Last week we featured a piece on college coaches pulling scholarship offers [here it is again in case you missed it], and your feedback was tremendous, thank you. We truly enjoyed and appreciated your insight! Let’s face it, there’s
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