College Basketball Recruiting

College Basketball Recruiting

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Since 2003, Student Athlete Showcase has personally guided talented basketball players and their parents through the complex college recruitment process.

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More options than we could ever have imagined

When I met with Rex in January I was at a point where I was not sure what to do any longer. Brenden was playing at a very high level, yet it was hard to get much serious interest. Through SAS, we interacted in some way with over 130 colleges at all levels. Thank you for your services. It really did create more options than we could ever have imagined. We are grateful that Brenden will have the opportunity to play the game he loves in college while getting a private school education virtually paid for. Thank you!

Kevin & Christy - Littleton, CO

Commitment to organization and connections

Student Athlete Showcase helped me navigate through the crazy maze of college recruiting! My family and I are very thankful that we had SAS by our side throughout the process! SAS offers great exposure to a massive array of college coaches, from NAIA to Division 1. The company’s commitment to organization and connections enabled me to systematically sift through all my options and find the school that fit best academically and athletically. Through the guidance and assistance of SAS, I am blessed to study public health/medicine and play Division 3 basketball at Johns Hopkins University next year. Without the words of wisdom and personal support, my recruitment definitely would not have been the same. Thanks for everything!

Magdalyn - Broomfield, CO

21 Scholarship Offers

We want to thank SAS for all the recruiting help they have given us over the years. Tanner ended up with 21 Division I scholarship offers starting with his sophomore year. Zack and the SAS team were behind us every step of the way!

Sean - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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