4 Things You Can Do Today & Every Day to Advance Your College Opportunities


You were off to a great start. Things were looking up. Colleges from around the country were initiating interest in you… almost daily.

Then it stopped. No calls. No emails. No texts. Interest from college coaches seemed to disappear. And your coach hasn’t heard anything from college coaches either.

Now what?

Here are 4 things you can do today (and every day) to continue to move the needle in your college recruitment.

#1 Evaluate New & Current Opportunities.
Research schools that have contacted you in the past. Enhance your knowledge of the colleges and their individual admissions process. Review current team rosters to better understand the players who get recruited by these schools.

#2 Engage coaches via phone, social media, email or text.
Ask a question. Congratulate them on a recent victory. Mention them by name in a post. Send them a hand-written thank you card. The simplest of engagements can make all the difference.

#3 Invite coaches to learn more about you.
Share results from a recent game, tournament or event. Send updated academic transcripts with a nice note. Tell something about yourself that most people don’t know about you.

#4 Invite coaches to “take action” in recruiting you.
Following up with coaches will help move the recruitment process forward at specific schools. “I will be playing at (location) on (date). Is there any chance you or your staff can come watch me play?” “I want to meet you in person. How can we make that happen?” “I’d like to know how you and your staff are evaluating me at this point. Can you offer up any direct feedback for me?” “I am not able to attend your upcoming camp. However, I am still very interested in your school. What can I do moving forward to be considered for your program?”

Ultimately, your goal is to help bring colleges to a decision about you. This is the only way to create an outcome of real OPTIONS for yourself. Do these 4 things every day and you will make a significant difference.


For more information on how to enhance your college athletic opportunities: info@student-athleteshowcase.com

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    Rex: We have planned to converse with you Monday April 15th, to get my daughter established on a plan with you. Can you give us a time and call-in number? Mid-day eastern time is best, around 10:00 there in Colorado. It does not necessarily have to be Monday, so please let us know. Also, do you have Erin in mind or who? As indicated, Andrea seems interested in attending school west of the plains if that factors into the mentor decision.

    1. SAS

      Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out. Sent you an email this morning and I will call you this afternoon. RG

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