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What sets SAS apart?

SAS delivers a personal experience unmatched by all other athletic recruiting solutions. Guaranteed.


At SAS, we understand the value of having a real action plan. We understand that no two student-athletes are equal. Your collegiate goals are unique to YOU, and that's why the solution we offer delivers a premium experience and sets SAS apart in the industry..


The marketing plans we design & launch for our student-athletes turn them into nationally-recruited prospects. Our priority is not to “place” your student-athlete, but help them realize their dream of playing college athletics at Perfect Fit U.





Andrew   |  2013

Florida Atlantic University

SAS gives athletes a chance to evaluate opportunities across the country. They helped my son earn a full Division I scholarship and I strongly recommend their services.

Michelle   |  2012

Stetson University

Our daughter Michelle will play volleyball at a Division I school. Without SAS, this dream would not have come true.  

Gabriella   |  2012

Hamline University

Wanted to let u know ASAP!  If it wasn't for your great service, Hamline University would not have known about Gabriella.


Tyler   |  2009

Manhattan College

Extremely happy with the program and the efforts SAS made to guide us along the way. At times, Tyler was overwhelmed and SAS was always there to lend a hand. We will continue to sing your praises!


Lauren  |  2012

Boston University

We are huge fans of SAS. They were instrumental in our daughter's college recruitment, and the investment saved us nearly $200,000. SAS is worth every penny!

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"Our combination of personal guidance and success tools is unmatched by any other program."


"We track actual recruiting activity, which means we reveal unknown interest for our athletes."


"The 'amateur' way is to create a profile/video and wait for coaches to find you. The SAS way goes far beyond that. SAS gets the athlete interacting with coaches on a regular basis."


"There's a reason the typical HS athlete is receiving interest from 5 or fewer schools and SAS athletes typically get courted by 50+ schools."

The simple fact is, The College Game Plan works 100% of the time IF you do the work. We are your coach. We are your guide. We are the experts. We have the blueprint for success and we know it works. But only if you put in the work. If you don't do the work, then the program is useless to you.


So if you intend to hire someone to help maximize your athlete's college opportunities but you aren't ready to do the work, then SAS is not for you. This is a collaborative effort. And unlike products & services that take a "one size fits all" approach, SAS truly cares about your child's future... which is why we take a such a personal, consultative approach to solving your problem. But as with the thousands of families who hired us in the past, you must be ready to do the work.

Cole  |  2016

University of St. Thomas

You truly have a great organization that puts the best interest of the student-athlete ahead of all else. Thank you for all your efforts in assisting Cole!


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